Alphabet Upgraded Google Maps and Plans to Develop a Fund

Alphabet Upgraded Google Maps and Plans to Develop a Fund

Companies around the world are trying to adapt to the new reality. The coronavirus pandemic disrupted daily operations. As a result, companies need to come up with a plan on how to cope with challenges. The parent company of Google, Alphabet just launched a feature in Google Maps. Thanks to this feature businesses will be able to update details regarding their business hours, etc. Moreover, the tech giant decided to compensate employees who work on an hourly basis.

From now on business can change their business hours as well as to update descriptions or update their phone numbers. As a result, customers can check whether this or that restaurant is working or not. This an important feature as due to the coronavirus, governments across the world implemented restrictions. Thus, clients should know in advance which restaurant continues to work despite the ongoing situation.

Alphabet, coronavirus pandemic and Google Maps

Moreover, companies can share detailed and timely updates in the post with the platform. Alphabet made a step forward by upgrading the Google Maps. However, this is not the end of the story and it continues to introduce new measures.

For example, Alphabet recommended its North American employees to work from home. Interestingly, the Android maker employed 120,000 full-time employees in 2019.

Furthermore, last week Alphabet began to compensate hourly employees affected by reduced schedules due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus. Also, Google’s parent company began to develop a fund to provide paid medical leave to people who work on a part-time basis. The purpose of this fund is to help part-time employees affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks to this fund temporary staff as well as vendors around the world will be able to take paid sick leave for potential symptoms. Also, those who show signs of the virus can’t return to work without spending time in quarantine. This measure will help to minimize the risks associated with coronavirus. Moreover, people will still get paid, and by making this decision Alphabet underlined the importance of its workforce.

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