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Google Maps Offers Covid-19 Outbreak-Related Info to Users

As the Coronavirus cases are increasing worldwide, some businesses started to provide some new services to their customers to make their lives more comfortable. For example, the world’s giant company Google Maps, actively offers Covid-19 outbreak-related information to its customers. Thus, including coronavirus transit warnings, crown information, and travel restrictions.

The new device, COVID Layer, informs the number of Covid-10 cases in an area that can help users choose whether they want to go to this area. The good thing is that, with the help of this device, the user can protect himself from the virus.

According to the Product Manager at Google Maps, Sujoy Banerjee, the company introduces the maps’ COVID layer. This device shows critical information about the coronavirus so people can make more knowledgeable choices about where to go and what to do.

Explaining the sources of information that would be considered to formulate the layer. Google announced that its data originated from multiple authoritative sources, John Hopkins, the New York Times, and Wikipedia.

Another essential thing to mention is that these sources get data from public health organizations. Including state and regional health agencies and hospitals, the World Health Organization, and government health ministries. Moreover, various sources and Google Map’s officials say, they are now expanding this data to Google Maps.

 How to use Covid layer

It’s interesting how customers can use this new feature. Let’s see the instructions. When a person uses Google Maps, a customer can tap on the layers button on the top right-hand corner of the screen and click on “COVID-19 information.”

After clicking on the COVID info settings, you can see a seven-day average of new coronavirus cases per 100,000 people for the map area. Moreover, a label shows whether the cases increase or decrease.

It further said that color-coding also helps to distinguish the density of new cases in an area quickly.

Moreover, it has to mentioned that trending case data is obvious at the country level for all 220 countries.

The Google Maps, the world’s one of the most robust companies. It announced that the feature would be rolled out for Android and iOS customers this week.

Undoubtedly, Google Maps does not stop offering its customers the best features. The users can avoid the undesired virus.

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