Tech Giants are Ready to Endorse Regulations

Tech Giants are Ready to Endorse Regulations

Tech giants such Microsoft, Facebook, Alphabet, Apple and others have their fare share of backlash connected with privacy and other issues.

For example, Alphabet faces antitrust cases for anticompetitive conduct. The biggest tech companies would rather restrict their services than to deal with various legal challenges.

Last week, several tech executives attended the World Economic Forum. According to Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella such laws could have a negative impact on the democracy.

Tech giant such as Facebook Inc. Microsoft Corp and Apple Inc. claimed that new regulation is inevitable.

According to the Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook a federal law should expand consumers’ rights over certain data. Moreover, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks that regulators should created clearer rules on online content as well as election integrity and privacy.

Tech giants and anticompetitive conduct

It is not easy task to identify anticompetitive behavior, as regulators must look for movements that freeze competitors without improving their own products.


Interestingly, most antitrust probes go “out-of-date” once the issue gets resolved or how experienced executives int the FTC explained.


However, even if company did not violate any rules, it still has an impact on the company.


Bret Taylor is the CEO of argued that tech companies can no longer excuse themselves with being just a platform.


Authorities in U.K. pay more attention to anti-competitive behavior. Competition and Markets Authority is making it more difficult for tech companies to buy other companies in the region.


The competition plays crucial role and authorities not only in U.K. but as well as in other countries should promote competition.


It is worth mentioning that that Google continues to dominate the search markets as 90% of search queries pass through the site. Google’s dominant position made it hard for users to transfer to smaller competitors. Companies such as Alphabet, Facebook should work harder to protect the customers.

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