The Egnyte is launching a new feature

The Egnyte is Launching a New Feature – Smart Cache

It’s not the secret that coronavirus pandemic has put stress on businesses, and mostly it was hard for companies to deal with a workforce that is mainly working from home. Therefore, it is not surprising that the needs for security and governance tooling had increased.

Significantly, something that Egnyte is looking to meet with new features aimed at supporting companies cope with file management throughout the epidemic.

What is Egnyte? Egnyte is a software company that presents a cloud platform for enterprise file synchronization and sharing. It helps users manage files wherever they live, On-premises or in the cloud.

Egnyte has added security and governance tooling to bring collaboration around filed collectively with security and governance on a platform.

According to Co-founder and CEO at Egnyte, Vineet Jain, it’s no surprise that there’s been a fast change to remote work. It has driven to mass adoption of multiple applications running on various clouds.

The company is launching a new feature. It is called a Smart Cache. It will make sure that content that an individual user accesses will be active whenever they need it.

System Makes Content Accessible When Required

Jain reported that Smart Cache applies machine learning to predict the content most expected to be reached at any site, so officials don’t have to anticipate usage patterns. Moreover, the elegance of the solution lies in that it is transparent to the end-users. Significantly, the result of this capability could be lower storage and costs as the system can make this content accessible in an automated way only when it’s required.

Besides that, another new feature is email scanning and governance. According to Jain, email is often a company’s most extensive data store. But it’s also a conduit for phishing attacks and malware. So Egnyte is offering an email governance tool that keeps an eye on this content and scanning it.

Egnyte is applying machine learning for auto-classification of documents to utilise policies to documents without people touching them. By knowing the document type automatically, whether it has personally identified data or it’s a budget or planning document, Egnyte can help clients auto-classify and apply policies about viewing and sharing to preserve sensitive materials.

The company is up to $100 million ARR today and increased by 22% in the first half of the year. Whether the company can accelerate that increase rate in H2 2020 is not yet apparent.

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