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Gold and silver

Gold and Silver Prices Are Trading Steady

Gold and silver prices are trading near-constant in early Thursday trade in the United States. The market is anticipating Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s testimony before a Senate committee, following


Oil Price Forecast: The Silent Bear

It couldn’t have come at a worse time for OPEC and the oil bulls who rely on the cartel, but China has begun to slow its crude purchases—much like it

10 gram 22-carat, gold

Gold Is Trading in A Narrow Range

Investors focused on U.S. inflation data, which could shed more light on the Federal Reserve’s policy tightening timeline. Hence, on Tuesday, gold prices remained stable in a narrow range. By

How to invest in commodities?

Europe’s Carbon Push Stokes Backlash Fears

A European Union plan to extend carbon pricing to the gasoline used in automobiles and to heat homes faces early opposition from governments and parliamentarians concerned about public backlash. Supporters

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